Saturday, January 25, 2014

Advertisement - First Marvel "Star Wars" Comics Action Figure Ad - Issue #14, August 1978

Here is the first in-issue advertisement for Star Wars action figures from Issue #14, August 1978.  Note the price of a Marvel comic book back then ... 35 cents!

The color is good but wrong, also note the price ... $2.79 each plus fifty cents shipping and fondling.  The original three vehicles (Landspeeder, X-Wing fighter and TIE fighter).  Again, just the first nine figures.  Missing in action are the three rarer figures; the Sand People, the Death Squad Commander and the Jawa.  

I've said before that, at least for me, the Sand People, Death Squad Commander and Jawa were the hardest figures to find.  Maybe I wasn't the only one that this happened to.  All told, it took me nearly a year after the Early Bird Kit to finish out my original twelve back figure collection.

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