Monday, September 1, 2014

The 1977 "Star Wars" Movie Program

When "Star Wars" first hit the theaters some theaters offered special complimentary movie programs to movie goers.  This was a first run item not duplicated or repeated when "Star Wars" was rerun in theaters the following year.   I don't remember ever having one of these but my wife says that she got one when she went to see "Star Wars" and she had it for a long time through her childhood.  Years ago, I found an original program on Ebay and added it to my collection.   When it arrived, I showed it to my wife and she remembered the one she had as a child.  My first question to her was "How is it that you had something of "Star Wars" that I never had?"

And now I present the 1977 "Star Wars" complimentary movie program.

For some of you, sharing this program will bring back fond childhood memories ... for others this will be a new experience for you knowing that something like this once existed and now having the chance to view it for the first time.

Giant two page center spread showing the classic publicity shot of starfighter combat - Rebel Alliance X-wings versus Imperial TIE Fighters.

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